Poems and Stories

Lifeline” in the Summer 2022 edition of Bracken

Enjoy discussions about the craft of writing poetry? Check out my conversation with National Student Poet, Ethan Wang, on his Youtube channel, Caesura.

The long poem “Tattoo & Binnacle” appears alongside poems by some of the best writers in the business in this issue of The American Journal of Poetry.

…an almost innocent, awe-struck kind of smile…

Two poems from a book I’m working on appear on Waywiser Press’ website, in recognition of the book being named a finalist (three years in a row now) for their contest.

Copies of Stilt House, selected by Heather McHugh as the winner of the 2018 Emrys Press Chapbook Award, are available here.

Waking from Nightmares and Taking a Walk” in Bellevue Literary Review

A TD Ameritrade Call to the Pen” selected as a finalist for the Earl Weaver Baseball Writing Prize in Cobalt Review.

Live Streaming” in Weekly Hubris

Tenuous Paradise” was selected as the Poem of the Day over at Poetry Daily!

Three Movements for Strays” & “A Good Funeral” in IDK Magazine

Dreaming Dogs” in Jet Fuel Review

One Looks at Two” in Crab Orchard Review

Easter Sunday at United Baptist Church, Battle Creek” in Iron Horse Literary Review

The Sheriff’s House” in Cold Mountain Review

Once, on the Tenth” in Light: A Journal of Photography and Poetry

Eight Million in Cash From Armored Cars” in Blackbird

An excerpt from “The Adventure Ranger’s History of Surprises” in Midwest Review

Supplementary commentary to “Elegy With Chorus Singing Al Green” in Notre Dame Review

Our Most Unfruitful Hours” in Fugue

Cabuya, a Scherzo, a Photo in Waltz Time” in The Merrimack Review

…Other work of mine has appeared in print editions of Bellevue Literary Review, Copper Nickel, Barn Owl Review, Fiddlehead, Hawk & Handsaw, Soundings East, North American Review, and elsewhere.